Sight - noun. the power or faculty of seeing; perception of objects by use of the eyes; vision. an act, fact, or instance of seeing. one's range of vision on some specific occasion: Land is in sight.. 4 a: the process, power, or function of seeing specifically: the physical sense by which light stimuli received by the eye are interpreted by the brain and constructed into a representation of the position, shape, brightness, and usually color of objects in space. to make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes the crew felt a rush of excitement upon hearing that the lookout had sighted land.

sight (sīt) n. 1. a. The ability to see. b. Field of vision: out of my sight. 2. a. The act or fact of seeing: hoping for a sight of land; caught sight of a rare bird. b. She had left these two boys, unwelcome appendages in his sight. She'd marry me—she'd marry you, if you was the best thing in sight. It would be pleasanter inland, but we must be near the shore, so as to be in sight of ships.. Experience the Bible’s most epic stories as they come to life on a panoramic stage! Sight & Sound Theatres offers unforgettable and uplifting shows..

An example of sight is being able to see well in the darkness. An example of a sight is a view of the Grand Canyon. verb. The special sense by which the colour, form, position, shape, etc. of objects is perceived when light from these objects impinges upon the retina of the eye.. Definition of sight - the faculty or power of seeing, a thing that one sees or that can be seen, a device on a gun or optical instrument used for assist.

視力, 景象, 所見之物 視力, 視覚, 見ること vista, visió, imatge إبْصار, رُؤية, مَنْظَر penglihatan, pandangan. sight-singing n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (sing by looking at sheet music) canto a primera vista loc nom m locución nominal masculina : Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como sustantivo masculino ("ojo de buey", "agua mala").. Nov 25, 2013  · Category People & Blogs; Source videos View attributions; Suggested by WMG Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - Wake Up in The Sky [Official Music Video].

Sight has many different senses. It can mean the range of your vision, as in when you freak out when your little puppy goes out of sight. You can "take in the sights," meaning you're seeing all the special attractions of a town (also known as sightseeing).. sight: see vision vision, physiological sense of sight by which the form, color, size, movements, and distance of objects are perceived. Vision in Humans The human eye functions somewhat like a camera; that is, it receives and focuses light upon a photosensitive receiver, the retina.. Sep 13, 2016  · Meet the Sight Words 1 is now FREE for a Limited Time! Learning sight words has never been this easy! Many words don't follow basic decoding rules and are.

Visual perception is the ability to interpret the surrounding environment using light in the visible spectrum reflected by the objects in the environment.This is different from visual acuity which refers to how clearly a person sees (for example "20/20 vision").. For it is not necessary that a subject receptive of the qualities should always have either the one or the other; that which has not yet advanced to the state when sight. Sight (also called eyesight or vision) is one of the senses.Having sight means to be able to see.Seeing gives animals knowledge of the world.Some simple animals can only tell light from dark, but with vertebrates, the visual system is able to form images..

See also: appearance, detect, discern, look, manifestation, notice, observe, perceive, perception, phenomenon, recognize, scene, spy, witness SIGHT, contracts. Bills of exchange are frequently made payable at sight, that is, on presentment, which might be taken naturally to mean that the bill should then be paid without further delay; but although the point be not clearly settled, it seems the. The Insight You Need to Make Great Decisions. From maintenance and resident service to capital budgeting, SightPlan provides a verified view into the performance of your assets, and helps you stay on top of the actions that drive the value of your portfolio.. Nov 26, 2018  · 1913, Joseph C. Lincoln, chapter 4, in Mr. Pratt's Patients: I was on my way to the door, but all at once, through the fog in my head, I began to sight.

A sight is an aiming device used to assist in visually aligning ranged weapons, surveying instruments or optical illumination equipments with the intended target. Sights can be a simple set or system of markers that have to be aligned together with the target (such as iron sights on firearms), or optical devices that allow the user to see a sometimes optically enhanced (e.g. magnified) image. There is the same type of antithesis in both cases; for just as blindness is opposed to sight, so is being blind opposed to having sight.. i-Sight Case Management Software for Investigations including HR, Employee Relations, Incident Reporting, Ethics & Compliance. Visit our resource center for.

Idioms. at first sight, at the first glimpse; at once: It was love at first sight.; at sight, . immediately upon seeing, especially without referring elsewhere for assurance, further information, etc.: to translate something at sight.. Point-of-care medicine is key to providing better healthcare. Matching the patient examination with test results as part of a face-to-face discussion with the physician will allow for a significantly improved diagnostics and treatment process.. About This Game We Are Proud to Present Line Of Sight (LoS). Line of Sight is an online FPS game, developed by a small independent studio, that trying to bring many unique features and innovative systems, such as detailed character and weapon customization..

Sight is a property of units, structures, and certain summoner spells, items, and abilities in League of Legends that represents a team possessing vision of a target area..