Without - Synonyms for without at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for without.. Preposition. Do you take your coffee with or without sugar? Don't leave home without your wallet. Without water, there would be no life on Earth. I can't imagine life without a car.. at, on, or to the outside of; outside of: both within and without the house or the city. beyond the compass, limits, range, or scope of (now used chiefly in opposition to within): whether within or without.

And indeed, if the truth is to be told, what I eat in my corner without form or fuss has much more relish for me, even though it be bread and onions, than the turkeys of those other tables where I am forced to chew slowly, drink little, wipe my mouth every minute, and cannot sneeze or cough if I want or do other things that are the privileges of liberty and solitude.. Seen and Heard. What made you want to look up without?Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).. This movie highlights the nuances of life without someone. This beautiful movie displays a young woman going crazy because she is a alone with grief filled thoughts..

Dec 05, 2018  · John Dryden (1631-1700) Without the gate / Some drive the cars, and some the coursers rein.; Thomas Burnet (1635?-1715) Eternity, before the world and after, is without our reach.. See: devoid, peripheral, save, unless WITHOUT, pleading. This word is adopted in formal traverses, and is a negative signifying "and not for;" accordingly the language of the elder entries sometimes is, It et nemy pur tiel cause," &c. Hamm. N. P. 120.. ‘This may seem like a simple proposition, but to a man it's like you have asked him to scale Mount Everest without oxygen.’ ‘I decided to brass it and head for the departure gate without a boarding card.’.

Catherine, recollecting herself, grew ashamed of her eagerness, and began earnestly to assure him that her attention had been fixed without the smallest apprehension of really meeting with what he related..